Deception Logic
Deception Logic

Make Your Network Dangerous

Deception Logic


Increase risk for the attacker by making your network and cloud dangerous

Quickly deploy deception capability throughout your network or cloud environments. Deception Logic is easy to deploy and light weight to manage. APIs enable automation and integrations. It's time to turn the tables on attackers by making your network dangerous for them. Increase risk... for the attacker.

Make your network dangerous

Deploy deception capability throughout your entire network.

Make your cloud dangerous

Integrate deception capability as part of your cloud deployments.


Defense Depth

Add the ultimate depth to your defense in depth strategy.

Increase Attack Risk

Turn the tables on attackers by increasing their risk of exposure and detection.

Quick Deploy

Deception Logic is easy to deploy and light weight to manage.

Coverage & Capability

Deploy deception capability across your entire network to maximize coverage.


Agile Deception



Dashboards provide metrics, insight into attacker traffic, and control over deception deployments.


Easy Deployment

Enable deception anywhere on your network or cloud environments. Dedicated VMs, containers, or blend deception in with production deployments. Instrument VPCs with deception to expose intruders.


API Driven

Leverage APIs to enable automation manage deception deployments and respond quickly to events. Easily integrate with existing toolsets and dashboards.

Deception Logic is designed with agile environments in mind. Deploy and manage the DevOps way! Bake deception deployments into your existing deployment process, integrate with ChatOps tools, leverage the API for managing agent configuration and integrations with monitoring systems and processes.